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On any given day, a busy warehouse is likely to have forklift or pallet truck traffic carrying heavy loads. Oftentimes, pallets and boxes are dragged across the floor. Warehouses may also require a presentable environment for tours, customers, and workers.

While a warehouse floor doesn’t need to be glamorous, it does need to be resilient, easy to clean, and able to withstand heavy loads. Spills, cracked concrete, and other issues don’t just create safety hazards; they also cause damage to the concrete substrate that will lead to costly shutdowns, repairs, and replacement. Warehouses require industrial-strength flooring that can meet the demands of heavy loads and vehicle traffic.

Developed with safety in mind, epoxy flooring products are resistant to slippage, fire, and impact. You can also use different colors to define specific zones in your warehouse, such as forklift traffic zones, work zones, and safety zones. We also provide line marking.
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