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Food and Beverage
Food and Beverage
Cold Room
Cold Room
Dust Free Clean Room
Dust Free Clean Room
Anti Static ESD Floor
Anti Static ESD Floor

Food and Beverage

Food and Beverage floor coatings are particularly unique compared to other industry applications. This is true across the food and beverage industry whose facilities which must comply with the strict sanitary and safety standards of the FDA, OSHA and USDA. The industry’s facilities are subject to constant scrutiny and compliance checks by government federal and state regulators. Our flooring materials are compiling to HACCP International certified and ISO 22196 compliant polyurethane floor which is safe for use in food processing Environments.

Application Suitability:
  • Food processing plant
  • Beverage & Bottling
  • Meat, seafood & fish
  • Chicken Poultry Farm
  • Sausage & Nugget processing plant
  • Bakeries and cookies
  • Dairy
  • Chocolate
  • Wineries & Distilleries
  • Grains & oilseeds
  • Edible oil
  • Butter & Margarine
Food and Beverage   Food and Beverage   Food and Beverage   Food and Beverage

Cold Room

Anti-Slip Floor Finishes At Temperatures Below -45°C To +120°C

Flooring for cold storage facilities such as dairies, laboratories, grocery stores, cafeterias or restaurants must be able to withstand cold or freezing temperatures, be easy to clean for hygiene, tolerate heavy equipment, be non-staining, non-absorbing and slip-resistant.

Anti-slip floor finishes are essential for people to walk in freezers, fridges, chillers and cold stores. We need to prevent both people slipping and equipment or vehicles (e.g. trolleys or forklift trucks) from skidding. This is particularly true if ice crystals or condensation is present on the floor. Accidental spillages also further exacerbate the risk of slipping and falling.
Cold Room   Cold Room   Cold Room   Cold Room

Dust Free Cleanroom

Many manufacturing industries utilize areas which are sensitive to environmental contamination. These low-level pollutants such as airborne microbes, dust and aerosol particles end up on the floor. Clean rooms are found in a variety of facilities that service the semiconductor, vaccine, biotechnology, medical device, nanotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.

These rooms are called “clean rooms”, which are defined as a manufacturing and inspection area that is temperature and humidity controlled and has continuously filtered air specifically designed to reduce particulate contamination. In order to prevent particles to become stuck to the floor, the surface needs to be smooth and joint free. Depending on what types of chemicals and products being used in the rooms, the floor must also be resistant to certain chemicals. Our seamless specialty clean room flooring system and wall coatings assist life science and advance technology facilities in maintaining their classified clean room environmental standards.
Dust Free Cleanroom   Dust Free Cleanroom   Dust Free Cleanroom   Dust Free Cleanroom

Anti Static ESD Floor

Anti-static epoxy flooring is mostly used in electronic and telecommunication industries, automotive industries, pharmaceutical factories, aerospace industries, operation theatres, computer rooms etc. Electrical components that are sensitive to an ESD include computers, mobile phones, tablets and television equipment; complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) chips found in CPUs and graphic cards; transistor-transistor logic (TTL) chips; metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistors (MOSFET) etc.

ESD floor helps to prevent harmful electrical charge that builds up from destroying sensitive components, by dissipating the charge safely to ground. Also, it serves as the safe control of electrical static charge that accumulates from a person’s movement across the floor. ESD flooring helps to greatly reduce or eliminate the potential of accidental electrostatic discharge, which can damage sensitive electronic components during manufacture and can result in significant damage, injury and financial loss.

ESD standards vary from industry to industry. While our ESD Conductive floor meets the standard including BS2050, ANSI/ESD S2020, ASTM F150 Conductive, IEC 61340-4-1 and IEC 61340-4-5 for electronics manufacturing. Apart from Conductive floor, we also provide dissipative epoxy floor which compiles to ANSI/ESD S7.1 and ASTM F150 Dissipative requirements.

Anti-static flooring can also help in preventing explosions and fires when working with flammable material found in certain gases and liquids, helping to reduce the risk of costly damage to equipment and injury to personnel.
Anti Static ESD Floor   Anti Static ESD Floor   Anti Static ESD Floor   Anti Static ESD Floor
Anti Static ESD Floor   Anti Static ESD Floor        
Health Care and Medical
Health Care and Medical
Oil Refinery Plant
Oil Refinery Plant
Chemical Plant
Chemical Plant


The first impression of a beautiful shop or showroom floor give a good impression to repeat customers, potential customers, and vendors who may walk through the doors. Good looking floors can also communicate a clean and organized atmosphere. This can also improve the morale among the employees working in these facilities. Along with aesthetics, it is also imperative that the floors in auto facilities are functional. Besides the obvious foot traffic, these floors must also sustain the wear and tear the vehicles will place on them, and also the machinery and tools that may be placed on the floor during work. Epoxy floors are a perfect match for automotive facilities due to their high functionality and beautiful appearance.

Auto shop flooring needs to be tough enough to withstand corrosive chemicals, dropped tools, hot tires, and other hazards. Our high-performance auto epoxy flooring doesn’t just look great; it holds up to gas, oils, grease, solvents, and more without deteriorating or staining. Our seamless resin floors are chemical, stain and impact resistant, while adding safety with a slip-resistant coating.

Epoxy floors can turn an ordinary concrete floor into a perfect complement to shiny and sparkling new vehicles. In addition to the showroom and public areas of an automotive facility or dealership, epoxy coating systems can be installed in wash bays, body shop and repair areas, spray and paint booths and the automotive parts departments.

All of our systems use protective topcoats that protect your floor from harmful fluids and solvents and make them easier to clean from tire marks, scuffs, dirt and other marks that occur during normal usage.
Automotive   Automotive   Automotive   Automotive

Health Care and Medical

Healthcare & medical flooring systems must be designed, formulated and installed to accommodate highly demanding, 24/7 environments. Hospitals see thousands of patients a day and require quality floors that can withstand heavy foot traffic while creating an aesthetically pleasing environment. With expansive surface areas, hospital floors are a crucial design element when it comes to the quality environment and successful operation of any healthcare facility.

Hospital facility executives have the responsibility of selecting the best flooring system that will promote patient and staff safety, perform within hygiene and infection control protocols, improve patient experience and contribute to successful outcomes, reduce maintenance costs and offer a long usable life. Our flooring options are ideal for operating theatres, corridors and any location where enduring sanitation is important.
  • Emergency rooms
  • Operating rooms and surgical areas
  • Intensive Care Units (ICU)
  • Examination and patient rooms
  • Laboratories
  • Pharmacy
  • Scrub areas
  • Nurses’ stations
  • Cafeterias and dining areas
  • Lobbies and waiting rooms
  • Corridors and stairwells
  • Bath, shower and changing rooms
  • Administrative offices
  • Utility and storage spaces

Antimicrobial Properties and Sanitation

Due to harmful bacteria, bodily fluids, viruses and other dangerous substances found on the premises, medical facilities adhere to stringent cleaning and sanitation regiments that can stain and damage many standard types of flooring. High-performance floor coatings can be impressively resistant to solvents, extreme pH chemicals and staining.

Medical facilities are places of intense action, where many people move about quickly, 24 hours a day. Additionally, the needs of mobility-impaired individuals and ADA regulations must be taken into account. When flooring is slippery, uneven or if surface inconsistencies exist, floors can become a safety hazard. Slip-and-fall accidents are a common risk in healthcare facilities. Due to their ease of customization, fluid-applied flooring systems can be installed to meet the exact slip-resistance needs of a particular facility. This allows healthcare facility managers to consider their user population’s needs and therefore the suitability of various levels of skid-resistance for each space.
Health Care and Medical   Health Care and Medical   Health Care and Medical   Health Care and Medical
Health Care and Medical   Health Care and Medical        

Oil Refinery Plant

Industrial resin flooring is a heavy-duty flooring system that can withstand extreme abrasion, heavy loads, vehicle traffic, and high impact without buckling, cracking, or deteriorating. This is because resin floor is actually stronger than concrete and significantly increases the weight load of your floor. Your concrete slab will also be protected from damage in even the harshest conditions. With very high compressive strength, extreme abrasion resistance, and resistance to high impacts, industrial resin flooring can be used in warehouses, factories, and more.

Resin floors are a tough, resilient and very durable type of floor coating used in multiple applications; garage floors, sunroom floors, high traffic hallways and walkways or warehouses. Areas, where machinery and other large tools are being used, a durable resin surface makes a great choice for a flooring surface. Even when these heavy objects are being shifted around on the floor continuously, the resin floor surface will maintain a very high durability. Resin floors are pretty easy to maintain as long as you follow some ground rules.

The benefits of apply epoxy floor:
  • Become a chemically resistant surface: Resin floor coatings are a chemically resistant flooring option for manufacturing plants, warehouses, and industrial plants.
  • Improve safety: resin floor coating products can improve safety by creating a slip, impact, heat, and fire resistant flooring solution. These high gloss floor coatings can also improve brightness in a work area by 300%.
  • Allow for designated traffic and work zones: We can use different colors of our resin floor coating products simultaneously to define safety zones, forklift traffic zones, and other work zones.
  • Increase productivity capabilities: Using resin floor coatings in a factory, warehouse, or industrial plant can reduce wear on transport vehicles, allow for faster material movement, and prevent wear and damage to the floor.
  • Allow for quick and easy application: resin floor coatings are self-leveling products. This allows application of a resin floor coating quickly over any new or old concrete floors.
Oil Refinery Plant   Oil Refinery Plant   Oil Refinery Plant   Oil Refinery Plant

Chemical Plant

A bare concrete slab can cause serious structural problems when exposed to the harsh chemicals that are typically found in industrial facilities. Concrete is a very porous material and will absorb water and chemicals alike. Not only will the chemicals rapidly deteriorate your concrete but it will also destroy the soil beneath your concrete, which can cause cracking, lifting and will eventually result in needing to be torn out and repaired. With our industrial floor coating, your concrete will receive a chemical resistant barrier that cannot be destroyed by even the harshest chemicals you can throw at it. Since the spills are trapped on the surface of the epoxy it makes it super simple to clean up any spills making it the perfect flooring for labs, hospitals, commercial kitchens, and areas where forklifts may leak battery acid.
Chemical Plant   Our full line of chemical resistant flooring & coatings protects both your concrete floor and the environment around it, helping prevent damage from exposure to corrosive compounds. These flooring systems are used in laboratories, food production facilities, manufacturing plants and other environments, and they can give you the lasting protection you need for your business, too.

By making it easier to isolate, clean up and contain hazardous substances, these high performance, chemical resistant floorings & coatings help keep your facility, employees, surrounding community and the environment safer.

We carry a full line of specialized industrial epoxy floor coatings that are chemical and acid resistant. Our specialty epoxy products can resist phosphoric acid, nitric acid, acetone, ammonia, sulfuric acid, and more. This type of industrial epoxy flooring may be used in battery storage areas, for example, to prevent damage to your facility if batteries leak.
Chemical Plant   Chemical Plant   Chemical Plant   Chemical Plant
Car Park
Car Park


Manufacturing   Manufacturing   Manufacturing   Manufacturing


On any given day, a busy warehouse is likely to have forklift or pallet truck traffic carrying heavy loads. Oftentimes, pallets and boxes are dragged across the floor. Warehouses may also require a presentable environment for tours, customers, and workers.

While a warehouse floor doesn’t need to be glamorous, it does need to be resilient, easy to clean, and able to withstand heavy loads. Spills, cracked concrete, and other issues don’t just create safety hazards; they also cause damage to the concrete substrate that will lead to costly shutdowns, repairs, and replacement. Warehouses require industrial-strength flooring that can meet the demands of heavy loads and vehicle traffic.

Developed with safety in mind, epoxy flooring products are resistant to slippage, fire, and impact. You can also use different colors to define specific zones in your warehouse, such as forklift traffic zones, work zones, and safety zones. We also provide line marking.
Warehouse   Warehouse   Warehouse   Warehouse

Car Park

Car park is the first image of the building as it is the first-place people entering the building. Southern Floor car park protection systems have been designed to meet contemporary requirements for upmarket car park environments, helping to enhance visual appearance, improve light reflectivity, reduce noise from tire squeal and promote safety when manoeuvring around any car parking structure.

Car parks face a multitude of challenges with their floors. The car park flooring will need to be able to protect the concrete from abrasion and damage. Furthermore, in the case of multi-storey car parks they also need to act as waterproofing intermediate layers.

However, the challenges do not stop here: Products specified for such areas will need to be resistant to hot tires and car emissions. Occasionally there will be spillages from brake fluids, car oils, and other chemicals. All these factors need to be taken into account when designing the right car park floor.

Certain areas of the car park floor (like pedestrian lanes and ramps) also need to provide anti-slip protection.

One way to make your parking garage more than just a place where your tenants or customers can park their cars is to opt for epoxy flooring. Today, you can find a wide assortment of epoxy formulations in a range of attractive colours. These can be further enhanced with decorative paint or quartz chips to transform dull parking spaces into colourful, beautifully designed parking facilities that look like fancy automobile showrooms.
Car Park   Car Park   Car Park   Car Park
Car Park   Car Park        


From primary schools to universities, educational institution flooring endures constant traffic. While busy students don’t typically think about what concrete epoxy or other floor coating system may be beneath their feet, you do—and it has to be one that lasts.

Spaces adapted to the needs of students and staff support successful study habits, and the right floor coating system can help. Safe, brightly coloured school flooring can help create a positive learning atmosphere for young children. Resinous floor coatings in more subdued tones can promote concentration in older students as well. A neat, clean environment makes a noticeable improvement to your school—you can even add a school or team logo to encourage school spirit.

No matter where it’s installed in your facility, commercial epoxy flooring is up to the task. In a school weight room or gym, epoxy can withstand high weight loads and absorb shock without damaging the concrete substrate. In bathrooms, kitchens, and locker rooms, epoxy flooring with an integral cove base creates a seamless surface that’s easy to clean and will not harbour bacteria or mildew. Elsewhere, school epoxy flooring withstands heavy traffic, spills, dropped objects, and more.
Education   Education   Education   Education